Should child labour be banned? A question where most people would just say “Of course child labour should be banned!” because that’s what the media everywhere around them says, so they say it without the slightest thought to it. I actually wish it was as easy as that, but it isn’t.

A very large amount of the 218 million child labourers in this world is caused by poverty. I believe that there was one very cruel, but smart person that realized that it is easy to manipulate children to work for you for a smaller price than an adult would pay. Others must have learned this “trick” because nowadays people will decide to employ children rather than adults, because they don’t have to pay as much. It is for this reason and this reason only, that families under poverty have to depend on their children to keep them alive. Not just banning, but enforcing these laws onto all these child labourers in a way where they can’t work for their families, many of these children’s families will perish from malnutrition because of the fact that they can’t pay for food or water.

But then there is the part where we look at the children’s point of view. The children don’t just want to work, they want to learn to read and write, to go to school like the rest of us and to be happy with their lives. Banning child labour might just help them to achieve that goal. By stopping child for long enough, people will just give up on it and leave at employing adults. The parents will get jobs easier, and they will be able to survive.

Yet when enforcing the banning of child labour, we are back to the beginning as there will be a period of time where some children will have to stop working, but not everyone will give up on employing children. During that period of time, adults will still find it hard to get employed because they still believe in kids, but so will children because of the law enforced.

This argument can keep going back and forth, yet there will be no end. I ask you now – should child labour be banned?