The hearts of many trapped children have been freed over the last couple of years. Salem is slowly taking steps forward to rid of child labourers.

The beautiful, Indian city of Salem

Starting from 2004, this beautiful city had over 35,000 child labourers. It was a sad time, where everywhere you looked, you saw a child working. Whether it was serving tea, or selling products, children were working everywhere.

Although, thanks too various child helping organizations including UNICEF, there was a huge decline in the number of child labourers. This enormous number has decreased 60 to 70% over the last couple of years!

Although, there are a couple of cases still appearing on child labour and child marriages, the Salem district police and UNICEF are doing an amazing job keeping it under control.  S Shivaraj of the Salem district police said the district police authority are taking firm steps to curb crimes against children. In the case of child marriages, elders responsible have so far been warned and set free. Hereafter, cases will be registered against them.

Thankfully, in one city, children are actually put as one of the first priorities and are loved and cared for.